Tisana 4 – Má Circulação 100gr


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Lister + Tisanas teas are a 100% natural product, with no dyes or preservatives that will help to combat various health problems.

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Tisanas Má Circulação


Helps to tone the cardiovascular and nervous system, preventing dejection, lack of muscle tone and feeling of fatigue

Maintains healthy blood pressure, allowing it to increase when it is low and keeping it stable

Protects the heart



Poor circulation is quite common, especially in overweight people, or women who take the birth control pill. It occurs when it is difficult for blood to circulate through veins or arteries.

Poor circulation can be hereditary, but it can also arise as a result of actions that we carry out on a daily basis, such as crossing the legs or standing too long.

The main symptoms are varicose veins, swelling in the legs and feet, cold feet and hands, tiredness, pain in the legs and tingling sensation in the legs.

For those who suffer from poor circulation, there are some things that can be done to reduce pain and swelling such as: avoid standing too long, reduce salt in food, use elastic compression stockings and practice physical activity regularly.

Plant nature: Spontaneous and Cultivated


Meliloto is a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, healing and antispasmodic properties. This plant is used to combat poor digestion, fever, swelling, conjunctivitis, insomnia, hemorrhoids, heartburn and cough.


Vine is a medicinal plant with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It contains substances such as flavonoids, anthocyanidins, resveratrol (prevents the risk of strokes such as heart attack and stroke), polyphenols and B and C vitamins. Its main benefits are the prevention against cognitive diseases, the strengthening of bone resistance, cancer prevention and treatment, wound healing, control of high cholesterol, control of diabetes, treatment against chronic venous insufficiency and regulates high blood pressure.

Malva sylvestris

Malva is a medicinal plant used to treat infections. It is widely used in tea form to treat constipation, thrush, bronchitis, sore throat, gastritis, eye irritation, cough and ulcer. Its benefits are: it relieves irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and pharynx, ulcers in the mouth and pharynx, inflammation of the airways and irritating and dry cough, and helps to treat gastritis. Its properties include laxative, diuretic, emollient and expectorant action.


Sene is a medicinal plant with purgatory, purifying and laxative properties. It is widely used to combat gastrointestinal problems such as constipation. It also helps to make the stool softer, being indicated to relieve discomfort to those suffering from hemorrhoids or anal fissures.


Hamamelis is a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory, laxative and anti-hemorrhagic properties. Its main benefit is linked to the help in the treatment of: burns, constipation, hemorrhoids, skin wounds and sore throat.


Meliloto (plant); Vine (plant); Mallow (plant); Sene (follicles); Hamamelis (leaf); Gooseberry (leaf).


Pack of 100 gr.


Place 4 tablespoons of the plants in 1 liter of cold water. Boil 5 minutes. Strain and drink, warm or cold, with or without sugar, 3 or 4 cups a day, between meals.


Protected from light, dry and ventilated place.


3 years.

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