Tisana 9 – Dyabet 100gr


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Lister + Tisanas teas are a 100% natural product, with no dyes or preservatives that will help to combat various health problems.

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Tisanas Dyabet


Reduces the percentage of sugar in urine and blood



Excellent formula that acts at the level of the pancreas, stimulating the production of insulin and also at the level of the use of glucose by cellular metabolism. Recommended to reduce the percentage of sugar in urine and blood.

Plant nature: Spontaneous and Cultivated.

Herb S. Roberto

S. Roberto Herb has several benefits for the body: it purifies the blood; assists in the treatment of stomach ulcers and intestines; it is useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids; assists in cases of heavy menstruation and irritable bowel syndrome.


Carqueja is a medicinal plant with a diuretic, antibiotic, anti-flu, anti-inflammatory, aromatic and anti-rheumatic action. This plant is used to treat constipation, poor digestion, diabetes, liver disease, gastroenteritis, heartburn, intestinal worms, among other complications.


The common bean has a strong antioxidant action. Its main benefits are: it reduces the risk of chronic degenerative diseases and protects cells from the harmful effects caused by the action of free radicals.


Fel da Terra (plant); Herb S.Roberto (plant); Carqueja (plant); Periwinkle (plant); Stars of Egypt (plant) Bean (pods).


Pack of 100 gr.


Place 4 tablespoons of the plants in 1 liter of boiled water. Leave to infuse 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and drink 3 cups a day, between meals, warm or cold, with or without sugar.


Protected from light, dry and ventilated place.


3 years.

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