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With a super-fruit in its composition, Noni Taitiano Lister + is one of the food supplements that offers the most benefits to your body. Noni’s properties together with other vitamins and nutrients will restore vitality and energy, providing a feeling of happiness and well-being. Normalize your immune, nervous and cellular systems with this super concentrated formula, an original product from Lister + laboratories.

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Normalizes energy-producing metabolism

Reduces tiredness and fatigue

Normalizes the functioning of the immune and nervous system

Protects cells against unwanted oxidation

Keeps hair, nails and skin healthy

Normalizes the metabolism of macro-nutrients, homocysteine, lipids, fatty acids and carbohydrates

Contributes to normal DNA synthesis

Contributes to the cell division process

Contributes to normal blood formation

Contributes to the maintenance of bones and vision

Normalizes acid-base metabolism

Keeps connective tissues normal



Noni contains substances with antioxidant action that help to strengthen your immune system, reducing the action of free radicals that are responsible for accelerating cellular wear and tear in the body.
The super concentrated formula of Noni Taitiano Lister + is composed of vitamins and minerals with essential functions that strengthen your body and that will help you enjoy life 100%.


Noni fruit is well known for its medicinal and therapeutic properties and for its anti-whitening power. It’s rich in vitamin C, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin A, polyphenols, betacarotenes and other phyto-nutrients. Its main benefits are the fight against premature aging and the appearance of chronic diseases, the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects, the strengthening of the immune system and the help to the normal functioning of all organs.


Choline is one of the B vitamins that is directly related to brain function because it’s a chemical that directly intervenes in the transmission of nerve impulses, which speeds up the production and release of neurotransmitters. All of this results in greater memory and greater learning capacity. It’s a great ally for our brain, but it’s also good for the heart, muscles and liver.
This is a nutrient produced in small amounts in our body, so it’s necessary to include it in the diet so as not to be lacking. The main food source is egg yolk.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum is a polysaccharide widely used in food products that helps ingredients to mix effectively. It’s also used to treat constipation and regulate cholesterol levels.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is a powerful antioxidant with the main hydroxylation function of collagen, the protein that gives resistance to bones, teeth, walls of blood vessels and tendons. It’s indicated in states where there is an increase in the need for vitamin C in the body, and as an anti-asthenic in fevers, flu-like states and tiredness, as well as in states of deprivation due to insufficient nutrition.


Zinc is a mineral nutrient, spread throughout the body with an important role in metabolic function and the immune system. It’s not a mineral stored by our body, so daily consumption is essential. Zinc source foods include cooked beans, milk, almonds, peanuts and cashews, red meat and poultry.
The benefits of zinc are numerous: it contributes to normal acid-base metabolism, normal carbohydrate metabolism, normal cognitive function, normal DNA synthesis, normal fertility and reproduction, macro-nutrient metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, vitamin A metabolism, normal protein synthesis, maintenance of normal bones, hair, nails and skin, maintenance of normal blood testosterone levels, maintenance of normal vision, normal functioning of the immune system, protection of cells against undesirable oxidation and contributes for the cell division process. Deficit of zinc can lead to loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhea and reduced immune function.

Potassium sorbate

Potassium sorbate or sorbic acid potassium salt works as a food preservative, mild, fungicidal and bactericidal of high efficacy and safety that does not change the taste of food. It’s the salt resulting from the reaction of sober acid and potassium hydroxide, once diluted it releases sorbic acid. Sorbate delay and prevent the development of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi by reducing water and increasing acidity, and preserve the flavor, color, texture and nutritional value of the foods to which they are added.


Copper is another essential mineral for the body, obtained through food. Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues and to normal energy-producing metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, normal pigmentation of hair and skin, normal transport of iron in the body, normal functioning of the immune system and to the protection of cells against unwanted oxidation.


Saccharin is an artificial calorie-free sweetener. It’s suitable for diabetics because the body cannot metabolize it and expels it through the urine.
Its main benefit is that saccharin reduces the caloric content in the form of sugar in foods while maintaining a sweet taste. It doesn’t contribute to the formation of cavities or damage the enamel because oral bacteria do not metabolize it.

Folic Acid

Folic acid, often known as vitamin B9, participates in various functions of our body, mainly in the formation of DNA and in the genetic content of cells. Folic acid has very important benefits for our body such as maintaining brain health, preventing anemia, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. This vitamin is very important for maintaining brain, vascular and immune system health.


Also known as vitamin B7 and vitamin H, biotin is a water-soluble B complex vitamin produced in the intestine and obtained through food. Like other vitamins, it’s related to the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The main sources of biotin are nuts, tomatoes, peanuts, carrots, lettuce, almonds and onions.
Like all other vitamins, biotin has several benefits for the body: it’s good for the skin, hair and nails and help in the correct absorption of nutrients by contributing to the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin of the B complex. It’s the most complex and the only one that contains a metal ion – Colbate – in addition it’s an extremely bioavailable vitamin, that is, easily metabolized and absorbed by our body. Vitamin B12 is present in foods of animal origin such as fish, poultry, eggs, milk and others.
Its consumption contributes to energy-producing metabolism that reduces tiredness and fatigue and to homocysteine metabolism, and is also necessary for the functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Vitamin B12 is also very important in the process of cell division and in the formation of red blood cells.


For what?

This dietary supplement is indicated to strengthen your immune system from cells to nails, skin and hair. Think about yourself and your health and start taking Noni Taitiano Lister + today.

For whom?

The exclusive Noni Taitiano Lister + formula is ideal for you who feel the need to improve your physical and mental condition and are looking for a 100% natural supplement full of benefits for your health.


Noni ( dry extract 5:1) 800 mg.
Choline 200 mg.
Zinc 10 mg.
Copper 1 mg.
Folic acid 200 μg
Biotin 50 μg
Vitamin B12 5 μg



Noni (Morinda citrifolia); Choline; Xanthan gum (Stabilizing); L-ascorbic acid (Antioxidant); Zinc (Chloride); Potassium Sorbate; Copper (Sulfate); Saccharin (Sweetener); Folic acid; Biotin; Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin); Natural and identical to natural aroma


1.000ml bottle


40ml before breakfast, simple or diluted in a little water.

Weight 1 g


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