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Do you enjoy your body? Do you feel like losing emotional control and lack the strength to reach your goal?

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Campo Verde Bitter Orange Capsules



Helps to lose weight

Provides power



Although the name of the plant is “bitter” it does not mean that it does not achieve its purposes in a sweet way.
Bitter Orange is a variety of Laranjeira being the most used in phytotherapy, as it has a higher concentration of active ingredients and has biological properties at the nervous system level, as in cases of anxiety, irritability, insomnia, digestive disorders, and contains an alkaloid, synephrine, which only in combination with other ingredients has proven to be effective in weight loss, improving body composition, reducing abdominal circumference and increasing energy levels in both men and women with overweight.
Make your plan with peace of mind, discovering your path that will lead you to achieve the perfect Look with the real product that will always be by your side, transporting you in a pleasant way to admire yourself and feel good about yourself and others.

Bitter orange

Widely used for weight loss, bitter orange is a medicinal plant that helps fight obesity, stress, constipation, scurvy (lack of vitamin C), gas, headache, metabolic disorders, insomnia and flu. It has anti-arthritic, alkalizing, rejuvenating, laxative, appetite suppressant, antiseptic, diuretic, depurative, antidepressant, deworming, stomachic, sedative and soothing actions, among others. Its benefits are related to its effects: it aids in weight loss, helps regulate cholesterol and sugar levels, improves mouth health, helps control blood pressure, prevents heart disease and infections, prevents various types of cancer (prostate, gastrointestinal, breast, lung, ovarian and bladder) and helps delay cellular aging.


Gelatin is a great source of hydration ideal for use in diets. It is a great source of collagen that helps strengthen nails and hair, giving them greater shine, thickness, growth and resistance. In addition to these benefits, gelatin helps to combat constipation, maintain bones and restore and regenerate joints to delay the natural sagging process of aging.


L-Tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids that are part of proteins, considered a non-essential amino acid (the body can produce it). It is recommended to aid in intensive training phases, relieve chronic muscle tension, increase personal performance, soothe headaches and migraines, treat emotional distress and insomnia, and strengthen motivation and well-being.

Cereal fibers

Cereals are an important source of fiber. In addition to helping with bowel function and reducing the risk of cancer, they are very important for controlling cholesterol and weight, as they increase the feeling of satiety. Whole grains are the richest in vitamins, minerals and fiber and, therefore, the most recommended for a healthy diet. Oats stand out for their richness in soluble fiber, whose most notorious and abundant component is beta-glucan (which reduces blood cholesterol).

Piper nigrum

Black pepper is widely used as a condiment and to preserve meat in canning industries. It contains piperine (98%), vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, flavones and flavonoids. Its benefits are its digestive function, metabolism activation, antioxidant power, anti-inflammatory properties and increased absorption of selenium, vitamin B, C, Beta-carotene and Curcuma.


What for?

This food supplement will give you more energy and motivation, and will help you improve your self-esteem.

For whom?

Bitter Orange Capsules Campo Verde is indicated for those who want to achieve the weight they always wanted.

Bitter orange 100 mg.
Coleus Forkohlii 70 mg.
Tyrosine 70 mg.
Piper Nigrum 3 mg.



Bitter orange; Gelatin; Coleus Forkohlii; Tyrosine; Cereal fibers; Piper Nigrum.


Bottle with 30 capsules.


1 capsule per day without meals.

Weight 0.05 g


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