Green Coffee ListerMais 1200mg x4


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Simplex Lister + range consists of capsules taken daily with several benefits for your health.

Simplex Café Verde helps to speed up your metabolism helping to lose fats and improve physical capacity.

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Simplex Green Coffee



Improves physical capacity and intellectual performance in situations of asthenia

Circulatory cardio stimulant, hypotension and bradycardia

Diuretic and digestive aid

Beneficial in adiposity and overweight

Assist in the treatment of migraine


Green coffee

Green coffee has higher levels of caffeine than black coffee, so the thermogenic effect is greater (its ability to produce heat and accelerate the body’s metabolism increases fat consumption). Its benefits are related to the proper functioning of the body: it is rich in antioxidants (it inhibits radicals); it reduces blood sugar; it detoxifies the body and provides more energy and the desire to practice physical activities.

Microcrystalline cellulose

Microcrystalline cellulose is obtained from vegetable fiber by means of acidic minerals. It is partially depolymerized cellulose, prepared by treatment of alpha cellulose. It has the function of an anti-caking, dispersing, stabilizing and emulsifying agent. It is widely used as a food additive, but also in the treatment of alkaline gastritis due to duodenogastric bile reflux due to the ability of fibers to bind to bile acids.

Magnesium stearate

Magnesium stearate is the result of combining stearic acid with a magnesium ion. Stearic acid is the only one that does not increase LDL cholesterol levels. It has the function of acting as a lubricant, water repellent, anti-caking agent and release agent. It is widely used as an additive in tablets because it has a binding or emulsifying capacity, and thus contains the active ingredients together. Magnesium stearate is used as a source of magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral supplied to our body through food that plays a key role in bone health. A healthy person can have between 21 and 28 grams of magnesium distributed 65% by bones, 25% by muscles and 10% by soft tissues and body fluids. The mineral is also present in cells because it is part of the plasma of red blood cells. The lack of magnesium can cause blood pressure disorders, fatigue and weakness, and changes in the nervous system The main benefits are the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, helping to keep bones normal, and the contribution to normal energy-producing metabolism.


Gelatin is a great source of hydration ideal for use in diets. It is a great source of collagen that helps strengthen nails and hair, giving them greater shine, thickness, growth and resistance. In addition to these benefits, gelatin helps to combat constipation, maintain bones and restore and regenerate joints to delay the natural sagging process of aging.


Green Coffee dry extract 5: 1 seed (Coffea arabica – 45% Chlorogenic acid) 70.17%; Excipients: Load agent; Microcrystalline cellulose; Anti-caking agent: Magnesium Stearate; Gelatine.


Bottle with 60 capsules.


1 capsule 30 minutes before the 3 main meals with a good glass of water.

Weight 0.05 g


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