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Do you feel well physically and psychologically? Do you want to be a majestic being?

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Campo Verde Royal Jelly



Strengthens natural defenses

Contains nourishing and anti-asthenic properties



Beekeeping is the science and art of prolonging, maintaining and sustaining health using products obtained from bee hives, such as royal jelly.
In recent years, the application of this bee product has been widely used in both traditional and modern medicine. It is currently a functional food that has the ability to promote better physiological or psychological health, contributing positively to an excellent well-being.
Royal Jelly is extremely rich in nutrients, more than a hundred and a half, including vitamins, minerals and essential and non-essential amino acids that the human body needs in its daily diet, thus offering unique properties in the protection and repair of cells. improve muscle and bone development, stabilize hormones and enzymes, regulate the nervous and brain systems, as well as the overall metabolism, resulting in healthy impulses for your lifestyle.
Sit on the throne and see all the wonderful things this product does for you (physical and psychological).
Geleia Real Campo Verde is a food supplement rich in naturally occurring bioactive compounds that provide useful health benefits, provide vitality and energy, balance the nervous and immune systems, promote wound healing and delay aging. To enhance its properties, Piperine and cereal fibers have been added to the formula, which allows an assimilation and bioavailability close to 100% and a prolonged release for an effective effect on the body throughout the day.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly is a creamy, nutritious substance secreted by worker bees. It is considered a superfood because it is exclusive to queen bees. Its composition includes water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, B vitamins and minerals. Its main benefits are improvement in healing processes, contribution to longevity (stimulates physical and mental function in the elderly), child development and reduction of premenstrual and menopausal symptoms in women. Its properties are unequaled both in quantity and quality due to the strong presence of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Gelatin is a great source of hydration ideal for use in diets. It is a great source of collagen that helps strengthen nails and hair, giving them greater shine, thickness, growth and resistance. In addition to these benefits, gelatin helps to combat constipation, maintain bones and restore and regenerate joints to delay the natural sagging process of aging.


Honey is a natural product obtained from the nectar of flowers and the excretions of honeybees. It is considered antiseptic, antioxidant, antirheumatic, diuretic, digestive, expectorant and soothing. Its health benefits are: regulates blood sugar (removes glucose from circulation); treats acne; improves brain function (helps absorb and fix calcium in the body which promotes proper brain function); treats sore throat and cough (antibiotic and antiseptic power); is a great remedy for minor wounds (healing properties); reduces metabolic stress (produces glycogen in the liver – energy reserve used by the brain for normal functioning); strengthens the immune system (rich in phyto-nutrients); fights insomnia (stimulates nighttime relaxation and sleep); and promotes metabolism (raw honey is considered a probiotic).

Cereal fibers

Cereals are an important source of fiber. In addition to helping with bowel function and reducing the risk of cancer, they are very important for controlling cholesterol and weight, as they increase the feeling of satiety. Whole grains are the richest in vitamins, minerals and fiber and, therefore, the most recommended for a healthy diet. Oats stand out for their richness in soluble fiber, whose most notorious and abundant component is beta-glucan (which reduces blood cholesterol).

Piper nigrum

Black pepper is widely used as a condiment and for the preservation of meat in canning industries. It contains piperine (98%), vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, flavones and flavonoids. Its benefits are its digestive function, metabolism activation, antioxidant power, anti-inflammatory properties and increased absorption of selenium, vitamin B, C, Beta-carotene and Curcuma.


What for?

Geleia Real Campo Verde has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergic and antitumor actions.

For whom?

This food supplement is recommended for those who want to protect the body and treat the body and general health.

Royal Jelly (lyophilized) 250 mg.
Piper Nigrum (ext. Standardized to 95% piperine) 3 mg.



Royal jelly; Gelatin; Honey (lyophilized); Cereal fiber; Piper Nigrum.


Package of 30 capsules.


1 capsule with a little water, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

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