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Is your skin like orange peel? Do you want to enjoy smooth and smooth skin?

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Gotu Kola Campo Verde


Assists in the normal formation of collagen

Assists in the normal functioning of blood vessels



An increasing number of people are struggling with unsightly changes in the skin, regardless of whether their weight is high or not, with disorders of circulation, leading to fluid stagnation associated with swelling and the ill-fated cellulite.

Cellulite is characterized by the appearance of skin ripples (orange peel), originated by changes in the fatty tissue of the lower layer of the skin, linked to changes in micro-circulation, resulting in the uncomfortable fibrotic plaques, usually in the area of ​​the thighs, buttocks and belly.

This plant (Asian spark), also known as Gotu Kola, is a plant used in folk medicine for hundreds of years due to its recognized beneficial effects in these areas.

End once and for all with those uncomfortable heights that lead to hiding your body, freeing yourself in a natural way from those persistent and inelegant protuberances, being able to show off and caress yourself with all softness.

Purified water

Purified water is drinking water treated by reverse osmosis (transformation of salt or saline water into drinking water) or distillation, without minerals in its composition. Because it is filtered and potable water, it is free of undesirable substances such as parasites, chlorine, fluoride or dioxins. The benefits of its consumption are help in bowel regulation, skin rejuvenation, hydration of nails and hair and reduction of hypertension along with improvement of blood circulation.

Asian spark

Asian spark is an Indian medicinal plant with several health benefits: it prevents varicose veins and hemorrhoids; speeds up the healing process; reduces inflammation in the skin (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action); smoothes wrinkles; decreases anxiety; improves sleep; better circulation of the legs; accelerates recovery in cases of muscle or tendon strain.

Herb S. Roberto

S. Roberto Herb has several benefits for the body: it purifies the blood; assists in the treatment of stomach ulcers and intestines; it is useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids; assists in cases of heavy menstruation and irritable bowel syndrome.


Gilbardeira is a medicinal plant used to treat hemorrhoids, varicose veins and to reduce the swelling of blood vessels to improve blood circulation It has draining and slightly diuretic and laxative properties, as well as toning the vessels. It is used in the treatment of venous diseases, such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, pain, itching, poor circulation, cramps and in the treatment of liver and kidney problems.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the formation of collagen, which is essential for the normal functioning of blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth. It plays an important role in eliminating free radicals and increasing energy levels. By increasing the absorption of iron in food, it contributes to the prevention of low hemoglobin levels. Iron levels in our body are crucial for energy levels. More iron absorption means more energy, less tiredness and less fatigue. Vitamin C intake is not directly related to fighting anemia, but increasing the body’s absorption of iron helps, as most cases of anemia are caused by iron deficiency. When we talk about vitamin C, we cannot forget its importance for the functioning of the nervous system. With its antioxidant action, it prevents brain damage and aging by eliminating free radicals naturally produced by cellular metabolism and the neuronal energy consumption system. Vitamin C can also be an important ally in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, since it is the production of free radicals that causes neuronal degeneration.

Potassium sorbate

Potassium sorbate or potassium salt of sorbic acid acts as a food preservative, mild, highly effective and safe fungicide and bactericide that does not alter the taste of food. It is the salt resulting from the reaction of sorbic acid and potassium hydroxide, once diluted it releases sorbic acid. Sorbates retard and prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi by reducing water and increasing acidity, and preserve the flavor, color, texture and nutritional value of the foods to which they are added.

Sodium benzonate

Sodium benzoate is the sodium salt of benzoic acid and functions as a food preservative. With antifungal properties, it protects food against the invasion of fungi that can cause disease. Sodium benzoate balances the pH level of food and increases the total acidity of food. By lowering the pH, sodium benzoate creates a barrier where fungi cannot grow and spread.


Sucralose is the only sweetener obtained from sugar cane that has the taste of sugar without the bitter residue and without calories. Its molecule is 600 times sweeter than sugar and is fat soluble. It does not accumulate in fatty tissues, does not cross the placenta, is not present in breast milk, since its elimination occurs in the first hours after consumption and in 13 hours it is excreted by the body intact. Studies affirm that sucralose is non-toxic, does not cause cancer, does not affect the immune system, does not affect the central nervous system, does not alter blood glucose and, therefore, can be consumed by anyone, including diabetics, pregnant women, children and the elderly. In addition, sucralose behaves well at high temperatures, being an alternative for the preparation of desserts.


Rutin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory known as vitamin P. In addition to having the ability to promote collagen production, it helps the body to use vitamin C properly. Its main benefits are: it increases heart health, relieves arthritis symptoms, prevents cancer, protects against metabolic disease, protects brain health, prevents blood clots and improves circulation.

What for?

Centelha Asiática Campo Verde is recommended for the treatment of stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles.

For whom?

This food supplement can be used for those who want to improve the appearance of their skin.

Asian spark 150 mg.
Roberto Herb 150 mg.
Gilbardeira 100 mg.
Vitamin C 80 mg.
Rutina 10 mg.


Purified water; Asian spark; Roberto Herb; Gilbardeira; Vitamin C; Xanthan gum (stabilizer); Potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate; Sucralose (sweetener); Rutina.


500 ml bottle.


10 ml. plain or diluted in water before breakfast and dinner.

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