The Incredible Benefits Of Natural Cannabis Oil By Listermais

Nature has bestowed so many natural resources for the well-being of mankind. But humans are engaged in so many activities that are either hurting nature or unbalancing the balance of the natural cycle, directly or indirectly. We all have heard about cannabis oil, marijuana, or weed. As you read above we are hurting nature and exploiting it to appease our senses and desires, the marijuana is also a victim of human nature to exploit and misinterpret things.

The usage of cannabis oil dates back to centuries ago when our ancestors have come across the medicinal benefits and effects of cannabis oil. The majority of medical practitioners and researchers are now supporting the health benefits of cannabis oil. And many data and researches show that marijuana possesses chemicals and components that can help in healing many diseases and disorders. 

What Medicinal Component Constitutes Cannabis Oil?

The two key components of cannabis oil are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD and THC are present in sufficient amounts and possess healing power to cure some diseases and disorders.

CBD and THC belong to a family of compounds called Cannabinoids that exist inside Cannabis plants. Cannabis Sativa has 113 known species as per the current data.

People often get confused between cannabis and hemp oil. Hemp oil and cannabis oil are different and comprise different THC levels.

THC in Cannabis interacts with specific regions of the brain causing the sensation that temporarily changes the way we feel, think, and react. THC may cause side effects, such as:

  • Increased Heart Rate

  • Coordination Problems

  • Dry Mouth

  • Red Eyes

  • Slower Reaction Times 

  • Loss Of Memory

  • Anxiety

CBD is the second most component that constitutes Cannabis oil, also it is the main ingredient that helps for the well-being of the consumer. It doesn’t create any sensation like THC, though it is more tolerated despite heavy doses. 

What Is Hemp Oil?

Customers often get confused with the difference between hemp oil and cannabis oil.

Plants having low THC concentration is termed as Hemp Oil. To classify cannabis oil as hemp oil countries adopt a 0.3% THC concentration limit.

How do Cannabinoids work?

The action of cannabinoids in our body takes place through interaction with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating functions such as memory, ache, appetite, humor, immune response, and sleep.CBD and THC don’t only stimulate cannabinoid receptors but also stimulate other receptors that are the crucial healthy functioning of the body.

CBD and THC belong to a single species that is Cannabis Sativa. The THC concentration in the Cannabis plant can reach up to about 30% of the dry weight of its inflorescence, and averagely above 12%.

CBD is a powerful anticonvulsant (helps prevent epileptic seizures), analgesic, prevents nausea, immuno-modulating, - it has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and anti-tumor properties.

CBD works differently than other cannabinoids. It reinforces the network of receivers; interacts with sleep, mood, appetite, depressions, and the immune response. It releases excessive glutamate that acts as an antioxidant against free radicals oxygen produced in neurons, making it neuroprotective.

Why Cannabis Oil By Listermais Is Best?

Cannabis oil by Listermais is made up of 100 % pure natural ingredients, yielding the best results and effectiveness. It is constituted with Cannabis Sativa Oil, Glycerol, and Vitamin E, for relief from chronic pain and analgesic effects.

It is a natural product, hence a 100 % safe supplement for pain relief to bring peace, stability, and rest.


Glycerol is sweet, and it is viscous trivalent alcohol in liquid form. It is beneficial for hyper-hydration. Glycerol helps in stimulating performance, combat delay fatigue, and helps maintain hydration.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E exists in eight chemical forms and is the main fat-soluble vitamin present in the plasma. It has to be procured through supplements or foods as it is not produced by the body. It safeguards the cells from unwelcoming oxidation that may cause diseases.

Vitamin E helps in improving blood circulation, preventing cardiovascular diseases, safeguards from infections, and helps in reducing the aging signs on the skin.

Many scientific pieces of research support the sensible and responsible usage of cannabis oil for medical purposes. Listermais cannabis oil is a safe supplement you are looking for having natural ingredients and effectiveness.